Safety and quality

Katz Arie Stainless Steel Ltd. believes that safety is important for the success of a project. In order to ensure safety, the company implements procedures which are inculcated in the workers for each project and at every opportunity. For example:

  • Procedures on arrival at a new work site
  • Forklift safety procedures
  • Safety procedures for work with gas balloons 
  • Safety procedures for work in high places and with lifting equipment
  • Safety briefing procedure
  • Safety procedure for working with hand tools
  • Safety procedures for travelling to and from work
  • Fire safety procedures
  • First Aid
  • Clothing
  • And More...


Quality Assurance:


The Katz Arie Stainless Steel corporation executes projects of the highest-level quality.
The company provides its workers with ongoing training in order to raise the level of service and quality in the spirit of TQM.
The Quality Assurance department uses the aid of external consultants and trainers, experts in their fields, to advance the quality policy of the entire company.
The company has CE certification ISO 9002-2000 certified welders, and works in the spirit of the SEMI guidelines for the semiconductor industry.
The Quality Assurance department strives for excellence and continual improvement, verifies the work of suppliers and sub-contractors, and ensures that materials carry quality certificates from the best of the qualified suppliers.

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